CTS Elite Remote GPS Tracking


CTS Elite (CTS) understands that tracking your loved one or secured package is a very important part of picking a transport service. This is why we provide GPS tracking for all our services.

Adolescent, Child & Teen GPS Tracking:

While your loved one is in transit you can simply log on to your computer and see exactly where your loved one is in transit with our industry leading tracking software. You can monitor location and time to give piece of mind during the journey. To read more and see examples of this please see Teen, Adolescent & Child Transport Services GPS Tracking

Equipment & Goods GPS tracking:

By monitoring on-board personal, equipment and cargo, CTS ELite helps companies reduce and limit liabilities for loss, and one is able to immediately see the location and status of your goods.

By constantly monitoring the location and status of our teams and shipments, assets and cargo, CTS Elite provides enhanced security protection for high-value loads, improves detection of terrorism and other malicious threats and improves stolen asset recovery.
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