CTS Elite Security Drivers


CTS Elite (CTS) security drivers for low and high risk areas. CTS Elite is an industry leader in High Risk Executive Protection Services and we require this same training for our dedicated security drivers. CTS Elite Executive protection agents are required to be certified in dozens of security classes when concerning security driving.

Security Driving Techniques:

  • Security Awareness Driving Congested City & Fast Paced Highway Traffic
  • Maneuvering & Blocking, One to Multiple Vehicles
  • Security Convoy Driving with Communications

Vehicle Convoys Formations:

  • Multiple Vehicle Selection from Armored to Soft Vehicles & Convoy Positions
  • Overview Covering Both High Risk and Low Risk Operations
  • Client & Team Members Seating Arrangements
  • Embus & Debus of Team & Client(s)

Anti-Ambush Security Driving Techniques:

  • Low Risk to High Risk Anti Ambush Maneuvers & Security Driving Techniques
  • One to Multiple Vehicle, Check Points, Road Blocks, Car Jacking Situations
  • Mobile & Stationary Anti-Ambush Defensive Shooting from in/outside of Vehicles
  • Low Risk to High Risk Vehicle Breakdown Client Transfer Techniques
  • Weapon Selection for Driver & Team in Vehicles

By requiring these certifications, CTS Elite can insure that their clients are the best protected in the world. This level of training also allows the client to know they have the best trained agents in the world which are prepared to handle and protect you in any situation. From single coverage to multi-agent teams, CTS Elite will cater a security team to your level of risk and needs. Please contact us to discuss your situation today.
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