CTS Elite Adolescent, Child & Teen Transport


CTS Elite (CTS) knows that the decision to seek assistance for your adolescent is a very difficult one. CTS Elite works diligently to assure that the process of transporting your adolescent is as easy as possible. From the application to the actual delivery, our process has been refined to provide a level of service that cannot be matched.

CTS Elite Adolescent, Child & Teen Transport Process:

Once the decision to seek assistance for your child has been made and an institution or program has been chosen, CTS Elite can handle the rest. Each situation is obviously different, but CTS Elite has developed a framework that can be easily adapted to each situation. This assures the highest level of security and service for all of our clients including GPS Tracking.

The Elite Process begins by filling out the Transport Form. Once this form is completed a Transport Coordinator will contact you to answer any questions you may have and to discuss in detail the process.

Please note that due to the overwhelming demand for our Adolescent, Child, & Teen Transport Services we have created a new division to focus on child transport services or Elite-CTS.
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